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Can Physiotherapy Help With Neck Pain?

A visit to a physio is not a pain in the neck. But holding a bowling ball in one arm indefinitely is not a good idea!How Physiotherapy May Help With Neck Pain

We’ve all had it. A neck so immobile that we agree to things purely because it’s less painful than shaking our head. A neck so stiff that we must twist our whole body around to check if cars are coming before we cross the road. Does that sound familiar to you?

This article explains what neck pain is, what can cause it, and how physiotherapy may be able to help. For personalised advice, contact our team at NDPE today.


What Is Neck Pain? 

Neck pain is typically pain experienced anywhere in the neck, though this pain can move into the shoulders, arms, and upper back. It may feel like a dull ache, spasms, tightness in your muscles, or a combination of feelings. In some cases, you may not be able to move your head as well as you could before, and the pain may feel worse when you hold your head in one position for an extended period of time such as when you’re working on a computer. 

Statistically, one in ten of us has neck pain at any given time. That’s because the neck works harder than we give it credit for. Its role is to support the head, which weighs on average 5kg, yet most of the time it does so with what seems like little effort. Compare that to the rest of your body! How long could you hold out a bowling ball with one arm before your bicep went on strike?


What Can Cause Neck Pain? 

There are plenty of causes of neck pain: the bizarre positions that we sometimes assume during sleep; the constant effort to balance our head as we lean forward to view a screen; poor posture; or more chronic conditions like arthritis, for example. Whatever the cause, neck pain can severely restrict our movements. 

The most common cause of neck pain is a strain or sprain injury and, in our experience, this is the underlying problem for 99% of patients who present to us. As with anything, a correct diagnosis is critical, and we’ll spend time discussing your symptoms and history with you before we launch straight in to hands-on treatment.


Can Physiotherapy Help With Neck Pain?

The good news is that physiotherapy may be able to reduce your neck pain and improve your quality of life in the process. It’s important to keep moving your neck as much as possible as resting for too long will cause the muscles to stiffen, but ensure you see a professional for a treatment plan specific to you.

People often see physiotherapists for neck pain, and for good reason. Physiotherapists aim to treat neck pain with a holistic approach that considers the body as a whole and may be followed by a rehabilitation program if needed. The goal of physiotherapy for neck pain is to restore your body and spine and help you to move as freely and easily as possible.

The techniques used in physiotherapy for neck pain will vary from patient to patient. These techniques may include:

Manual techniques such as joint mobilisations and massage aim to loosen stiff joints and muscles, which are often the causes of neck pain. When pain is caused by weak muscles, your physiotherapist may suggest strengthening exercises. These look to rebuild the muscles in the neck and surrounding areas such as the shoulders to reduce pain.

Your physiotherapist will work with you to determine the underlying cause of your neck pain before recommending and commencing treatment.

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Do You Have A Pain In The Neck? 

So what should you do when you have neck pain? Simple. Speak to Northern Districts Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic on 02 8974 8410. We’ve been successfully treating all forms of neck pain and usually, we’ll have you shaking your head like a determined teenager in no time at all.



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