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Difference Between Dry Needling & Acupuncture

The differences between dry needling and acupuncture actually outweigh the similarities by far.

Dry needle treatment, also known as myofascial point dry needling, is a completely natural treatment for chronic and acute pain. Often used as part of a larger treatment plan, it is widely misunderstood by many people who have questions about dry needling who liken the procedure to acupuncture. Acupuncture is based on the idea of balance and restoring proper flow of energy throughout the body.

Both dry needling and acupuncture involve the insertion of thin needles into certain parts of the body, but that’s where the similarities stop.

During an acupuncture session, needles are inserted into points along meridian lines. These lines represent the body’s organs, and they are based on ancient Chinese medicine. These needles are usually left in place for 15 to 30 minutes. It is most often used to treat internal ailments, including digestive problems, insomnia, stress, chronic pain and other conditions.

Dry needle treatment is a relatively new treatment based on modern Western medicine. This treatment was developed in the 1980s, and during treatment, needles are inserted into trigger points, or tender bands of muscle located within larger muscles. When needles are inserted into trigger points, they elicit a response that releases the trigger point and restores normal function.

NDPE uses a thorough assessment to determine whether the patient is suitable for this treatment and a course of needling is often complimented with a flexibility program and hands on treatment as appropriate. Dry Needling has become increasingly common to be used as part of a physiotherapy treatment regime. Our team at NDPE uses Dry Needling as an evidence-based form of treatment for acute and chronic pain, musculoskeletal injuries or sports injuries.

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