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Exercises for Neck Pain Relief

neck pain relief in west rydeStretching and strengthening the body is an important exercise to complete when you are experiencing pain or injury. Neck pain can limit your movement and be uncomfortable. By completing the exercises below, your discomfort may decrease. Always consult your physiotherapist when you have neck pain and ensure you are completing exercise that will benefit, not further damage your body. If any exercises listed below or similar cause pain, numbness or weakness in other parts of your body, immediately seek assistance from a healthcare professional.

Exercise 1 (Head Rotation)

Be seated in an upright position with your head facing straight ahead of you. Turn your whole head to the side as if you were trying to look around your shoulder, however, keep your body straight. Ensure the movement is fluent and gentle, and repeat on both sides approximately 10 times.

Exercise 2 (Head Side Tilt)

Be seated upright with your head facing forwards and level. Tilt your head gently to the side so that your ear would touch your shoulder. Hold for a couple of seconds and repeat on the other side. Complete at least 5 times each direction.

Exercise 3 (Head to Chest and Sky)

Be seated with your head facing forwards. Tilt your head gently down towards your chest and hold for a couple of seconds. Return to your original position and repeat 5 times. Next, look up to the sky by moving your head and neck backwards while keeping your body straight. Repeat the upwards motion 5 times also.

Exercise 4 (Shoulder Rolls)

Stand in an upright position with your feet shoulder width apart. Gently roll your shoulders in a backwards motion without moving your arms. Repeat by slowly rolling your arms forwards. Complete for 20 seconds each direction.

Exercise 5 (Shoulder Shrugs)

Stand in an upright position with your feet shoulder width apart. Move both shoulders towards the roof simultaneously. Gently shrug your shoulders in this motion to release tension. Breathe in when your shoulders rise and out when returning to your original position.

Exercise 6 (Cat-Cow)

Find a comfortable place on an exercise mat, rug or carpet and gently kneel with your hands under your shoulders. Ensure there is not excessive pressure on your neck by striving for a straight line from the top of your head to the bottom of your spine. Once in this all fours position, push your stomach towards the floor and your head and neck towards the sky. Next, return to the neutral position you started in. Finally, move your body in the opposite direction by pushing the middle of your back towards the sky and allowing your head to drop. Complete this gentle movement at least 5 times.

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