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Creating an Ergonomic Home Office

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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many people have swapped the office for their kitchen table or study nook. The downside to this is that home offices do not always provide appropriate back or neck support. As a result, many may experience discomfort, strained muscles, headaches, and more.

Below are some posture and routine tips to make working from home a more enjoyable and healthy experience. Creating a more ergonomic home office can decrease strain on your body, ultimately increasing work efficiency and productivity.

This blog details some simple ways to improve your home office setup for the sake of your comfort and health. For personalised advice on your posture and physical wellbeing, contact Northern Districts Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic today.

Why Put the Effort into Setting Up Your Home Office Properly? 

Makeshift desks in the kitchen, spare room, or office nook certainly did the trick during unexpected lockdowns. However, as working from home steadily becomes a norm in the modern office job, the routine is going to show a significant effect on the body. Being without the purposefully designed setup of an office building means you might let slip tiny details that have a large impact on your body.

Improper home office work habits can lead to consequences such as:

Some easy adjustments you can make to avoid these problems include: 

 Adjusting Your Posture Regularly 

Our bodies are not built to stay still for long periods of time. Sitting in one position for an extended period can cause significant strains on your back, neck, and shoulders. Try to regularly change your posture each hour of your working day. It could even be helpful to move workspaces entirely – for example, alternate between standing, sitting at the kitchen table, and sitting on your couch. These small changes and switch-ups help to avoid your body getting locked up in one position, easing the stress being put on different parts of your body.

Sit on a Thin Pillow

Chairs are powerful things. The impact a quality seat can have on the overall structure of your body might surprise you, in fact. Having a comfortable chair in your home office can make a world of difference. If you can’t invest in a high-quality office chair, then using a thin pillow or soft towel on a hard chair can instantly increase comfort. Another way to make your home office more comfortable could be to place a blanket or towel over the back of your chair, too… you might be surprised how luxurious something so simple can feel.

Lumbar Support from a Towel

Towels can have several effective uses, in fact. When sitting in a hard chair without strong support, your back can suffer significantly. Lower back pain is a common symptom experienced by people regularly working in chairs that don’t offer comprehensive lumbar support. But splashing out for a fancy new chair isn’t inherently necessary. Rolling up a towel and placing it between the back of the chair and your lower back is an easy way to get additional support and lower your risk of pain at the end of the day.

Elevate Your Feet

As mentioned, routinely adjusting your position is a simple way to ease the stress from your body as you work. Finding small ways to stretch and switch up your position helps to increase blood flow and prevent your body from getting too tight. Elevating your feet while sitting is a low-impact stretch that effectively adjusts your body’s position. To increase circulation and comfort when sitting, try raising your legs to a 90-degree angle in a supported position.

Raise Your Screen

Looking down at a laptop can cause unnecessary stress and strain on your neck. A simple adjustment by raising the top of the monitor to just below eye level may alleviate this problem. You do not need an elaborate or costly device to achieve this – a pile of books or a shoe box is certainly sufficient!

Take Allocated Breaks

At the office, a walk in the park with others or going get lunch breaks up the day. Working from home alone, however, it can be easy to work on your laptop for eight hours without moving! Taking allocated breaks is still important for your physical and mental health. If you are likely to forget, set an alarm or reminder for yourself. Doing some stretches, playing with your dog, calling a friend, or going for a quick walk around the block is the perfect way to have a break.

Book an Appointment at NDPE to Address Any Concerns 

Worried about your posture, or ongoing pain that might have come from your home office setup? Don’t force yourself to live in discomfort. At Northern Districts Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic, we help countless clients to overcome pain and prevent further damage. Book an appointment today to have your health concerns addressed and prevent further damage.


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