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4 Ways Physiotherapy Can Help Runners

Physiotherapy for Running Injuries

Running is hard enough without an injury.

Let us help you take the first few steps to recovery


You press on through the pain, though it stabs at you with every stride. You’re determined to continue. You want that personal best, and a little bit of pain isn’t going to get the better of you. But deep down, you know it’s not really ‘just a little bit of pain’. And it hasn’t just happened – for the last few weeks or months, you’ve noticed that little niggle, and it’s getting worse.

Sound familiar? If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. One in two runners usually reports an injury each year, with knee injuries being the most common. Continue reading as we dive into some of the ways physiotherapy can help runners to recover effectively and avoid further injuries down the track. 

This blog explains the benefits physiotherapy offers runners. For personalised health advice, contact our team at Northern Districts Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic today.


Analysing Your Overall Physical Condition

Even beyond direct treatment for an injury or ongoing issue, visiting a physiotherapist can provide irreplaceable insight into your physical condition. A physiotherapist can provide a full assessment of your range of motion, muscle strength, and flexibility. All these factors play a significant role in your performance as a runner, as well as in proper injury prevention. Having certain weaknesses across different muscles could make you especially susceptible to certain injuries.

Offering a Tailored Treatment Plan

When you work with a physiotherapist, you receive a thorough and comprehensive assessment of your health, body, and lifestyle. No two clients are the same, after all, and a physio will be able to utilise their developed understanding of health and fitness to ensure that all advice and treatment you receive is tailored entirely for you. Your treatment plan will be curated to appropriately address your injury, history, running goals, and get you back on a timeline that suits your body best.

A good physiotherapist can recommend the best footwear to suit your body, and even design comprehensive exercise programs built to strengthen your muscles and performance. From beginners to experts, everyone has something they could learn from an experienced physiotherapist.

Finding the Source of the Problem

Getting rid of the pain without solving the actual problem causing discomfort is a little bit like trying to save on electricity by turning down the sound on the television; if you can’t hear it, it must be switched off, right? Seeing a physiotherapist isn’t just about easing your pain, it’s about getting a thorough treatment that addresses the underlying issues going on. This protects you in the long-term, and provides better insight into why an injury may have occurred. Address the problem sooner rather than later – your body will thank you for it!

Preventing Further Injury 

A physio doesn’t just treat and manage running injuries. We assess you and give advice on how to avoid the same thing happening again. By treating the root cause, we’ll work with you to build a plan for how to avoid risk in the future. You’ve got a long life of running ahead of you, and a physiotherapist’s job isn’t just to ease your pain and send you out. Your appointments will help you to improve technique, adjust habits as needed, and ensure you’re as safe as possible as you jump back into running again post-injury.

Throughout your treatment, primary focus should remain on prevention. The last thing we want is for you to be back again for another appointment in a few months’ time with the same problem. Avoiding repeats and further damage is the best way to protect your body as you ease back into your running routine.

Book Your First Physio Appointment With NDPE

Struggling with an injury? Facing an ongoing issue while running? The good news is, a visit to a physiotherapist at Northern Districts Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic can help. When you hobble into NDPE, thinking your running days are over, we’ll have you back on your feet and pounding the streets as quickly as we can. At NDPE, we know running is hard enough without an injury – so, don’t make it more difficult. If you feel pain when you’re clocking up the kilometres, schedule an NDPE appointment today. 


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