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How much do orthotics cost?

How Much Do Orthotics Cost? 

Considering orthotics but not sure how much you should be paying? Due to a number of factors, the price for a pair of orthotics can vary widely. There are countless products available on the market – ranging from cheaper premade options to custom orthotics that require a greater initial investment. Is the extra price worth it? And how do you know which option is right for you?

This guide will discuss the variables that contribute to the cost of orthotics and the prices you will most likely come across in your search for the perfect pair. For an assessment to see if orthotics are right for you, book your appointment at Northern Districts Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic today.

Types of Orthotics: Which Orthotics Are Right For You?

Over The Counter Orthotics

Over the counter orthotics can be sourced from a chemist, making them convenient to purchase for anyone, anywhere. They are pre-fabricated and usually require the wearer to trim them to size. As they are mass-produced, they are more cost-effective. However, as they are not customised to your foot concerns, they may not contribute to supporting your biomechanics and, therefore, may not offer the benefits you’re seeking. These can last you anywhere from 6-months to 12-months of use before you need to buy a new pair.

Semi Customised Orthotics

Similar to over the counter, semi-custom orthotics are also pre-made. They are designed to treat common injuries caused by pain in the lower back and hip and imbalances in the foot, ankle, and knee. A semi-custom orthotic is more durable than over the counter products – making them suited for treating younger patients with rapidly changing sizes than fully custom orthotics.

Fully Customised Orthotics

Custom made orthotics are explicitly tailored to your feet, and this involves a consultation with your physio or podiatrist, who will often require a follow-up consultation. Unlike premade options, custom orthotics can be built to support your feet and body. When used correctly, orthotics can be highly effective in contributing to the reduction of pain and enhancing the biomechanical movement of your body. These one-of-a-kind devices are created just for you – meaning you know you’ll be supported.

Fully Customised Orthotics

How are Modern Orthotics Made?

Custom made orthotics begin at your initial appointment before any materials come into play. Your practitioner will conduct an examination that looks at your range of motion, muscles, symmetry, and how you walk.

Modern orthotics use 3D scans and technology to create a light, durable, and comfortable orthotic to improve a range of alignment issues. This process cuts out the plastering necessary for older models, halving the time between consultation and getting your orthotics. You get consistent, and custom orthotics made to your exact problems every time.

Materials Used to Create Orthotics

There are two main types of materials used to create orthotics. For softer products, a mixture of ethyl vinyl acetate and EVA provide a padded and easily modifiable product that is less likely to cause blisters or rub your foot the wrong way.

For a more solid orthotic, polypropylene is used to give a harder structure that will last longer, can fit into fashion footwear and casual shoes for frequent use and are able to influence your foot functioning better than its soft counterpart.

Materials Used to Create Orthotics

Orthotics Technology: An Overview

The creation of custom orthotics involves. At Northern Districts Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic, we use GaitScan™ technology to detect biomechanical issues before pain and dysfunction develop. Using the technology is pain-free and fast. This comprehensive analysis of your foot allows us to complete a thorough investigation and create custom orthotics that are entirely suited to your needs.

The biomechanical assessments show your timing sequence during your gait as you walk across a pressure plate – allowing the technician to have a clear picture of your mechanics. The system has over 4000 sensors and scans your walk at a rate of 300 frames per second, detecting information that is not visible to the naked eye.

Your Guide to Orthotics Pricing

Orthotics range in price from $20 to $1,000, but not every product in this large price bracket will offer the same benefits or results. When considering the price of orthotics, it’s essential to compare the qualities and features of the orthotic itself, not just the price. Off the shelf orthotics are generally substantially cheaper than custom-made orthotics, however, it is important to consider which orthotics are right for you and whether the cheaper alternatives can offer the same benefits as their custom-made counterparts.


Type of Orthotic Price (per foot)
Over the counter $25 to $50
Semi customised  $100 to $150
Fully customised $400 to $800


These costs do not cover initial consultations, testing, and fittings. This is the cost of the orthotics you will use. These prices will vary based on where and who you purchase your orthotics.

Check if You’re Covered For Orthotics

Different private health insurance providers and levels may cover the cost of orthotics if you have Podiatry included. It’s essential to check with your insurance to see if you can get these products covered.

If you’re getting over the counter orthotics and have podiatry, including your private health insurance, they can likely cover the cost for you. If you are getting fully custom orthotics, it’s less likely to have the entire cost covered, but a large percentage may be subsidised. Contact your private health insurance before getting orthotics Eastwood to determine your eligibility for claims and rebates.

Are Custom Orthotics Worth It?

There is a reason why custom orthotics cost more than their off the shelf counterparts – it’s because they are a highly customised piece of advanced technology that is designed to meet your unique needs. If you’re looking for orthotics because you are struggling with pain and discomfort, then investing in a quality pair of custom orthotics is certainly worth it. A premade pair could harm your biomechanics and result in the opposite effect.

Custom made orthotics last for around five years, depending on how often you wear them. Off the shelf orthotics generally last between 6 and 12 months, again varying due to use. Their lifespan will also be impacted by the activities you use them for and the material they’re made from. For anybody experiencing foot, ankle, or leg pain, orthotics can be well worth the price.

Are Orthotics Right for You?

If you are considering orthotics, we hope this article has been helpful for you. At Northern Districts Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic, we use the latest technology to create custom orthotics that will aid in reducing foot, ankle, and leg pain you may be experiencing. To find out more or book an appointment, give our friendly and helpful team a call at (02) 9874 8410 or book online by clicking the button below.



Are custom orthotics worth it? How do they compare to off-the-shelf alternatives?

There are three main types of orthotics products – over the counter, semi and fully customised. In our latest article, we go over the different types of orthotics and their various price ranges.

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