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Improving Your Wellbeing with Physiotherapy

Short-term pain requires long-term changes …

Improving your wellbeing with physiotherapy care

2019 is a new year so it’s time to plan for a healthy start to the year. Sometimes short term pain require long-term changes, because we want you to be a wellbeing.

Relief. It’s flooding through your body as the pain disappears. As little as half an hour ago, you were so sore you couldn’t move, and now you feel like you could leap for joy.

But now the pain’s gone, what are you going to do differently? If the answer’s ‘nothing’ then we’ll try and keep an emergency appointment slot open for your next visit. Why? Because many of the injuries we manage are caused by poor posture or overuse. Pain is our body’s way of telling us it doesn’t like what we’re doing. So if we truly want to keep well, we have to change our habits and behaviours. If we don’t, guess what—the pain can return.

At Northern Districts Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic we understand that pain is best managed over the long-term. Physiotherapy can be used in conjunction with changes to your lifestyle like sleep and exercise. Our team looks at the other factors that can contribute to your problem or condition; such as poor posture, bad habits or muscle imbalances.
NDPE don’t want to just fix your pain temporarily we want to fix it for good. That means helping you to understand the causes and working with you to find solutions to prevent it from happening again.

Physiotherapy aims to treat muscular, joint and nerve disorders to ensure your musculoskeletal health is at an optimal level. Striving to restore function and mobility, physiotherapists provide long term solutions to acute and chronic conditions through proven assessment, treatment, and management techniques. Our physiotherapists possess extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal conditions and relevant therapies which enables them to formulate a treatment plan tailored to your particular needs.

As your movement improves, the physiotherapy becomes less intensive and more focused on exercise and lifestyle factors. Because we want you to find a way to always be in tip-top shape!

No-one should endure ongoing pain and inconvenience. Life is too short. Contact us now to make an appointment or call 02 9874 8410.

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