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Exercises for Neck Pain Relief

Exercises for Neck Pain Relief Stretching and strengthening the body is an important exercise to complete when you are experiencing pain or injury. Neck pain can limit your movement and be uncomfortable. By completing the exercises below, your discomfort may decrease. Always consult your physiotherapist when you have neck pain and ensure you are completing […]

Sports Injuries and Physiotherapy

Sports Injuries and Physiotherapy Northern Districts Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic provide quality physio care to active sportsmen and women. Whether you participate in local recreational activity or high level sport, our experienced physiotherapists will provide personalised treatment to get you back in the game. Injury Types and Causes Acute Sports Injuries An acute injury is […]

Can Physiotherapy Help Incontinence?

Can Physiotherapy Help Incontinence? What is Incontinence? Urinary incontinence refers to the condition where individuals experience involuntary or accidental loss of bladder control. Another common type of incontinence is faecal incontinence. Living with incontinence can be distressing and frustrating, however management and treatment options are available. There are a variety of causes for incontinence including […]

The Benefits of Dry Needling

The Benefits of Dry Needling Give pain the needle The routine of life is relentless. Stress is a constant. There’s so much to do that you never really give your body the time to recover. Your sleep suffers or is shortened. To compensate, you keep yourself alert with caffeine. Perhaps you push yourself harder than […]

Shockwave Therapy for Chronic Heel Pain

Shockwave Therapy for Chronic Heel Pain How many people suffer from heel pain? According to Science Direct, the world’s leading platform for peer-reviewed literature, heel pain affects about 10% of the population and is highly prevalent in those aged over 65—of whom almost a third are impacted. Common causes of heel pain: The most common causes of […]

Physiotherapy For Running Injuries

Physiotherapy For Running Injuries Running is hard enough without an injury. Let us help you take the first steps to recovery.   You press on through the pain, though it stabs you with every stride. You’re determined to continue. You want that personal best, and a little bit of pain isn’t going to get the […]

Why Pilates Is A Good Workout For Men

Why Pilates Is A Good Workout For Men A million Americans can’t be wrong. Pilates is for women, right? Well that may be a common perception, but it’s changing. Just as male dominated sports are opening up to women—the AFL claims that more than 300,000 girls and women are playing its game—so men are discovering […]

What Is Whiplash?

What Is Whiplash? What is a whiplash neck sprain? A whiplash neck sprain occurs when your head is suddenly jolted backwards and forwards in a whip-like movement usually caused in motor car accidents known as a “rear-ender”. These movements generate considerable force, typically causing the neck to move far beyond the normal range of movement and […]

Common Causes Of Back Pain

Common Causes Of Back Pain The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare estimates that 1 in 6 Australians suffered from back problems in 2017-18. That’s more than 3 million people. Back pain can have a significant impact on day-to-day life. It can stop you from doing the things you want to do, like exercise and recreation. […]

Muscle Tightness & Stiffness

Muscle Tightness & Stiffness What is it and how can you treat it? We’ve all heard the saying “No pain, no gain”. It’s what spurs us on as we exercise to exhaustion; it’s how we know we’re getting fitter or stronger. These days, not being able to pick up your coffee the following morning is […]

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