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Everything you Need to Know About ACL Injuries

Australia has the highest reported rates of ACL injuries in the world. The rates of ACL injuries are rising too, with a 70% increase in under 25s in the last 15 years. ACL injuries are common in AFL, rugby, netball, and similar sports that require young athletes, intense training regimes, long seasons, and a high […]

3 Key Facts About Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Plus FAQ’s Answered

One in five people will experience a pelvic floor condition during their lifetime. This article explains what you need to know about pelvic floor physio treatment and answers the most frequently asked questions about the condition. Pelvic floor concerns can cause incontinence, pain, increased urgency or frequency, and retention. If you’re experiencing any of these […]

Why You Should Quit Smoking from a Physiotherapist

On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than non-smokers. The health risk associated with smoking are well documented; it can cause cancers, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, lung disease and more. But the lesser-known effects relate to the musculoskeletal system- this article outlines four of them, as defined by a physio.   1. Smoking may reduce bone mineral […]

Four Common Causes of Back Pain in Kids

We often attribute back pain as a sign we’re ‘getting old’, but for some children, age has nothing to do with their back condition. There are several reasons why your child or teen may be experiencing back pain. And if they do, they’re not alone. According to the Medical Journal of Australia, the prevalence of […]

Why Postural Care Could be Life Saving for People with a Disability

Take a moment to notice your posture right now. Are you slouching? Is there strain on your neck and back? Many of us forget to think about the state of our posture. For most people, posture can be corrected with some simple reminders and physio treatment. For people with a disability though, poor posture can […]

7 Easy, No-Equipment Stretches Ideal for Office Workers

2020 was the year of working from home (WFH). We substituted our office desks for the kitchen bench or dining table and our corporate wear for trackies! Unfortunately, many of us also traded an ergonomic workspace, for a not-so-neck-and-back-friendly set-up. A lot of people also forgot what a lunch break was and stayed inside, sitting […]

Physiotherapy Works When You Believe It Helps

When you think about the phrase ‘mind over matter’, what do you imagine? Is it lifting that extra weight at the gym even when they said you couldn’t? Is it walking over hot coals without a suggestion of pain on your expression? Or is it the placebo effect that has been shown in countless studies […]

Should I Stop Running If My Knees Hurt?

The knee is the most common injury location for runners. The repetitive, high-impact nature of running places significant stress on the knee joint, which can cause injuries or pain. One question that physiotherapists are often asked is: Should I stop running if my knees hurt? The answer is that it depends on your unique condition and […]

Working out Pre-Menopause can Boost Health in Later Life

Research published in the Journal of Physiology contends that women who want to enjoy peak health in later life should establish an exercise routine before they reach menopause. Physiologically, a woman’s blood vessels are less able to grow after menopause compared to young women. Exercise is beneficial as it allows women to develop blood vessels […]

New Research Shows How Physios Can Help Patients to Quit Smoking

Recent research from cardiorespiratory physiotherapist Nia Luxton reveals how physiotherapists could play a key role in helping their patients to quit smoking. The study out of ACU explores a simple three-step intervention model created by Quit Victoria called the AAH model, standing for Ask, Advice and Help.   The research was recently published in the Journal […]

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