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David Kang – Physiotherapist

Sports Physio Epping

David graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney in 2010 and has since gathered extensive experience in various areas of physiotherapy. While being primarily based in private practice, David has provided sports coverage in a wide variety of settings – ranging from casual events (City2Surf, Ride to Work day) to elite-level competition (National Premier Leagues in soccer, Netball NSW). He has also worked with orthopaedic surgeons in providing post-operative care in the hospital setting, and implemented hydrotherapy programs for less mobile patients. Seeing the need for preventative care for the numerous office workers coming through the clinic, he has completed further training in workplace ergonomics and now provides specialised on-site assessments for corporate clients with Corporate Work Health Australia. Additionally, being fluent in Korean and a local resident, David has also been providing falls prevention education and exercises as part of the Stepping On program for the local Korean community.

Always keen to keep up to date with the latest research and techniques, David has completed further certification in dry needling, sports physiotherapy, the Mulligan Concept, Barb Hungerford’s treatment of the spine and pelvis, and core stability among others.

David은 2010년 시드니대학교에서 물리치료학 학사 졸업 이후 물리치료의 다양한 분야에서 폭넓은 경험을 쌓아 왔습니다. 주로 개인 물리치료 클리닉에서 일하면서,  다양한 스포츠 경기, 즉 엘리트 수준의 경기대회(축구 전국 프리미어  리그, 넷볼 NSW 등)에서부터  캐주얼 행사(City2Surf, Ride to Work day)에 이르기까지 선수들에게 스포츠 물리치료를 제공하였습니다.   그는 또한 병원에서 정형외과 의사들과 함께 협력하며 수술받은 환자들에게 재활치료를 제공하고 활동이 부자유한 환자들에게 수중요법 치료를 제공하기도  했습니다.  또한 개인 클리닉에 오는 수많은 직장인을 위한 예방 치료의 필요성을 느낀후 직장 인체 공학에 관한 훈련을 완료하였고 여러 기업들에게 전문적인 현장 평가를 제공하고 있습니다. 또한 지역 한인 사회를 위한 Stepping On 프로그램에 나가서 한국어로 낙상 예방 교육 및 훈련도 제공하고 있습니다


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