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Suji (Susie) Jeong – Physiotherapist

Susie is a truly passionate physiotherapist with restoring and managing her patient’s quality of life by individualized care focused on their needs. Since obtaining her Master of Physiotherapy at University of Sydney, Susie has a broad range of skills and experience in areas such as reliable manual therapy, spinal mobilisation and manipulation, clinical pilates, scoliosis specific treatments, kinesio-taping, dry needling and tailored exercise prescription to meet patient’s needs. In addition to her bilingual skill (English and Korean), her experience treating clients from multicultural backgrounds enables her to understand the cultural differences and communicate effectively.

Previously, Susie sustained an injury that required a long period of rehabilitation where she gained a special interest in clinical pilates. Completing STOTT Pilates courses and Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) Pilates courses, she can incorporate clinical pilates programs into her treatment plan for various injuries and conditions such as prenatal/postnatal women, scoiliosis and sports-related injuries.

Even after her full recovery, Susie still continue practicing pilates, yoga and meditation on a regular basis as a form of preventive self care. Her first hand experience similar to the struggles of her patients allowes her to empathize throughout the stages of recovery, particularly with the impairment and pain and how much it may impact a patient’s day to day quality life. The struggle with loss of functions and the perseverance/effort to regain their function is a journey that should not be experienced alone. Susie feels it as part of her role as a Physiotherapist to be next to her patients to help them on their journey to recovery which will allow them to enjoy everyday life.

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