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Yuki Uemura – Massage Therapist

Yuki has completed her Massage Therapy course and is currently completing her Remedial Massage course. Yuki has a wealth of knowledge from her training in Japan as a Judo therapist. With that knowledge she treats her patient based on MT-MPS (Treatment Techniques for Muscular Pain Symptoms) and mainly provides treatment for muscles. “In many cases, pain and stiffness are caused by poor blood flow due to muscle tension and swelling in the area, such as “aching joints” and “aching backs.

She provides treatment that improves blood flow and removes pain by reducing muscle tension and swelling in the area that is causing the pain. All parts of the human body are controlled by muscles. If the muscles in any part of the body are damaged, it will cause pain and other problems with movement. Therefore, pain in any part of the body can be treated by removing disorders in the muscles, which is why we mainly provide muscle therapy.

She mainly provides muscle therapy, but the difference between this and general massage is that we treat the “surface muscles” as well as the “deep muscles”.

The difference between massage and general massage is that we treat the “deep muscle layers” as well as the “superficial muscle layers”. She carefully checks the affected area and treats the “deep muscle layers” to completely remove pain and stiffness.

It is necessary to determine whether the problem is caused by a distortion of the bone or the muscles in the affected area. In fact, in many cases, the cause is not the bone itself, but the surrounding muscles that are causing the bone distortion. She will conduct a thorough examination to confirm the “real cause” before providing treatment.

“If you have fallen hard, bumped into someone, or been hit hard by a ball, you may have a “strain”, “bruise”, or “sprain”. In these cases, it is necessary to remove the tension and swelling of the muscles around the affected area to improve blood flow. Most of the blood vessels pass through the spaces in the muscles, so if the tension and swelling in the muscles are not removed, it will be difficult to repair the injured part.

Yuki is a nationally qualified Judo therapist who trained in Orthopaedic clinics and hospitals in Japan for over 3 years, she was also working with Japanese high school and university judo teams and volley ball team as a Judo therapist and sports trainer. In addition, she is a qualified personal trainer in Australia.

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