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6 Tips To Prevent Common Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are frustrating, painful and cause interruption to fitness, sport and daily life. They occur in people of all ages and in local and elite sport. Injuries can develop over time due to overuse and incorrect technique or happen suddenly due to impact or extreme application of force.

Luckily, there are prevention tips you can implement to prepare your body and reduce your risk of injury. Always consult your physiotherapist if you suffer a sports injury for optimal, fast recovery.

  1. Warm Up

Warming up prepares your body for activity by increasing blood flow, raising your body temperature, loosening your joints and more. Warm-ups are typically 10-30 minutes depending on the activity. You should warm up by completing a similar activity to what’s ahead.

  1. The Right Gear

Ensure you are wearing the right gear when you play sport from shoes to mouthpieces and helmets. Investing in appropriate footwear and protective gear can protect your body and reduce risk of injury.

  1. Proper Technique

Throughout training and game day, always ensure you use the proper technique. This ensures you are not putting unnecessary strain on certain parts of your body. If you are unsure of the proper technique, consult with your coach or physiotherapist.

  1. Strengthening

Conditioning your muscles through a personalised sports physio program can assist sport performance and decrease risk of injury.

  1. Stretch After Sport

Stretching after an exercise or sport session increases the flexibility of your muscles and reduces muscle tension, leading to a reduced risk of injury.

  1. Do not Ignore Sports Injuries

Playing through pain can cause more damage and may lead to a longer period of no activity. It is recommended that you treat a sports injury immediately and with the assistance of a health professional like a physiotherapist.

Sports Injuries are sometimes unavoidable, however, through proper training, preparation and prevention, their risk can be reduced. For a comprehensive understanding of how you can prevent sports injuries, book an appointment with an NDPE specialist.

common sporting injures west ryde

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