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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy West Ryde, Sydney

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy SydneyWhile many people associate the pelvic floor with new mothers, in actuality, everybody has a pelvic floor. And while embarrassment is common when discussing these issues, pain or discomfort in this area is nothing to be ashamed of! In fact, pelvic floor dysfunction affects nearly half of all Australian women, whether this be problems with weakness, tightness, or prolapse.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy aims to alleviate this dysfunction and restore the pelvic floor’s functioning, helping you to live with less pain and more freedom. At NDPE we offer quality pelvic floor physiotherapy to local residents in West Ryde and surrounding areas including Eastwood, Denistone, Marsfield, Epping, Ryde, Meadowbank, Melrose Park, Dundas Valley, Telopea, Putney, Carlingford, and Ermington.

What is a Pelvic Floor?

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that work like a sling to support the pelvic organs. It extends from the public bone to the tail bone, and supports the bowel and bladder (as well as the uterus and vagina in those that have these organs).

The pelvic floor plays a large role in bladder and bowel control in all sexes, and is important for normal sexual function. In addition, it stabilises the pelvis and spine. The pelvic floor group of muscles can be adversely impacted and become dysfunctional due to many different reasons, including childbirth, but also a number of other conditions.

What is Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is a form of physiotherapy tailored towards restoring the pelvic floor’s functioning. Though weakness is the most commonly known form of pelvic floor dysfunction, the pelvic floor can become either weak or tight, causing difficulties with bladder and bowel control, sexual pain and discomfort, and prolapse.

What Can Cause Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

As everybody has a pelvic floor, pelvic floor physiotherapy can benefit people of all genders. The pelvic floor’s functioning can be affected by issues such as:

  • Childbirth
  • Pregnancy
  • Constipation
  • Hormonal changes, including menopause
  • Being overweight
  • Persistent heavy lifting
  • Excessive coughing
  • Vaginal and vulvar pain
  • Ageing

Your Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Questions Answered

What conditions can pelvic floor physiotherapy treat?

Whether the pelvic floor is overactive (tight) or underactive (weak), pelvic floor physiotherapy can offer great relief and benefits. Pelvic floor physiotherapists teach exercises and engage in therapies that can help with many conditions, including:

  • Bladder and bowel control
  • Overactive bladder
  • Prolapse
  • Stress and urge incontinence
  • Mixed incontinence
  • Defecation difficulties
  • Vaginal and vulvar pain including vaginismus and vulvodynia
  • Anal pain including anismus
  • Pain with intercourse

What happens at pelvic floor physiotherapy?

It’s understandable to be nervous for your first pelvic floor physiotherapy appointment, but there really is no need to be! Your physiotherapist is used to hearing about all types of pelvic floor issues, and will always try their best to put you at ease. They will understand any hesitation you may have, and will always work at your pace as you form a mutual trusting relationship.

The First Appointment

Generally, your physio will send you a questionnaire or diary, such as a bladder diary, to fill out prior to your first appointment. This is to gain a thorough understanding of the problems your pelvic floor is causing. During your first appointment they will discuss these with you as well as ask any further questions that may help with your treatment, including how long you’ve had the issue and anything you’ve tried to improve things so far.


Your physio will only perform any physical examinations with your permission. You have the right to say no at any time, whether that’s before or during the examination. They understand the delicacy of the pelvic floor and its physical and emotional effects it can bring up, and the aim is to help you in any way possible, in whatever time frame you’re comfortable with.

External Examinations

Your physiotherapist will typically examine your external genital area to begin with. This is to check for any signs of infection, prolapse, or age-related changes. They may ask you to relax and contract your pelvic floor muscles, and press gently on your abdomen to see what effects these may have.

Internal Examinations

Our physiotherapists will not do an internal examination in our clinic.

What does pelvic floor physiotherapy include?

The physiotherapy you are prescribed will be tailored specifically to you, and so each session will be different for each person.

In many cases, this can include a combination of pelvic floor muscle exercises for you to complete at home in addition to therapies used during your appointment. You may be given bladder training strategies along with additional bladder diaries to fill out, and advice on modifying what and when you eat and drink to relieve your symptoms.

Sometimes, you may be offered devices such as support pessaries or dilators, among others. You physiotherapist will discuss with you if any devices may benefit you, and if so, you may choose to use them or not— this is completely up to you.

What are the benefits of pelvic floor physiotherapy?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy offers many benefits, both physical and emotional, which can improve your quality of life. These include:

  • Improved continence
  • Pain-free sex
  • Improved bladder function
  • Improved bowel function
  • Stronger pelvic floor muscles
  • More relaxed pelvic floor muscles

Why Choose NDPE West Ryde?

At NDPE, you can rest assured we appreciate any concerns you may have regarding pelvic floor physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists are compassionate, understanding, and have years of experience in providing quality care to help with your pelvic floor health.

Our team of caring physiotherapists aims to improve your physical health while keeping emotional health in mind to support your overall wellbeing. We proudly support the care of patients in West Ryde and the surrounding suburbs of Eastwood, Epping, Denistone, Marsfield and Carlingford.

Looking for Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in West Ryde?

If you’re dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction, we hope this article has helped you to realise how common it is, despite not being often talked about, and that there are many treatments available. At Northern Districts Physiotherapy we understand the feelings you may have surrounding this topic and our physiotherapists aim to accommodate you in any way to help you improve your daily functioning and lifestyle. To make an appointment, get in touch with our team today.


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