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Pregnancy Physiotherapy West Ryde, Sydney

Pregnancy Physio SydneyNDPE are experienced physiotherapists specialising in Women’s Health in particular care during pregnancy. Our team offer quality physio care for local residents in West Ryde & surrounding areas including; Eastwood, Denistone, Marsfield, Epping, Ryde, Meadowbank, Melrose Park, Dundas Valley, Telopea, Putney, Carlingford & Ermington.

During pregnancy, the increases in abdominal weight can put pressure on the surrounding organs. For example, the increased pressure on the bladder can lead to increased urinary frequency, and sometimes even leakage. Strong pelvic floor muscles will help to reduce the risk of leakage, as they help to support the growing baby and stabilise the pelvis. Recent research recommends that women perform pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy and after childbirth to prevent and treat pelvic floor problems.

Another common complaint in pregnancy is back pain or pelvic pain. This is largely due to the ligaments of your pelvis becoming more flexible to make room for the growing foetus. These pains often disappear after delivery, but in the interim, your physiotherapist at Northern Districts Physiotherapy Eastwood will provide hands-on treatment to reduce your pain and give you strategies of how to best manage your pain at home. At Northern Districts Physiotherapy Eastwood we also assess and treat the separation of stomach muscles, which can occur as your muscles stretch to accommodate the growing foetus during pregnancy.

Whilst childbirth is an amazing experience, factors such as a high birth weight baby (>4000g), the use of forceps, a long pushing stage, vaginal tearing and/or an episiotomy (surgical cut of the perineum) can cause pelvic floor problems. Research has shown that optimal maternal health and strong pelvic floor muscles will assist in your recovery following childbirth. In the case of pelvic floor injury, your physiotherapist at Northern Districts Physiotherapy Eastwood will provide you with individualised education, pelvic floor exercises and evidence-based treatment to assist you in making a full recovery.

Following childbirth women can experience neck or shoulder pain from breastfeeding or wrist or thumb pain from handling their baby. Your physiotherapist will treat these aches or pains to assist you in caring for your newborn baby.

Pre & Post Natal Conditions

During pregnancy, most women suffer from at least one of a variety of different Musculoskeletal complaints such as lower or upper back pain, upper limb pain (including but not limited to lateral epicondylitis, DeQuervain’s) and pelvic instability. Once the third trimester arrives, the expectant mother has a change in her centre of gravity. Added to this, is the change in hormones that weaken pelvic muscles and ligaments leading to pelvic floor dysfunction and potentially incontinence issues.

Physiotherapy treatment we provide includes hands on treatment aiming for symptom relief, core and pelvic strengthening and self-management strategies to assist with getting through these tough times with all the extra stress and strains being put on our bodies. We can also use strapping techniques and braces to assist with supporting the above mentioned structures if necessary.

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