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Shockwave Therapy West Ryde, Sydney

shockwave therapy west rydeNorthern Districts Physio is now offering shockwave therapy to compliment our treatments. Shockwave treatment works through the means of a freely moving applicator over the regions of pain, tightness and scar tissue.

The radial shockwaves produced from the applicator break the association between pain and muscular and vascular tone through the strong stimuli it produces. By ‘rebooting’ the healing process this is highly effective for long standing tendinopathies, fasciopathies, myofascial trigger points and activation of muscle and connective tissue for increased circulation. Depending on the duration that the injury has been present, shockwave treatment usually requires a minimum of 3 treatments sessions to notice improvement but can take in excess of 6 treatments to completely reduce symptoms. Shockwave works well in conjunction with a specific exercise program for the injury.

Conditions which the shockwave can help with include:

· Plantar fasciitis/fasciopathy

· Achilles tendinopathy

· Patellar tendinopathy

· Golfers Elbow

· Tennis Elbow

· Rotator cuff syndrome

· And many more

Shockwave is the newest tool that Northern Districts Physio have added to the practice to insure we remain ahead of the game to give our patients the edge to return to sport and ADL’s as quickly as possible.


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