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What To Do When You Suffer A Sports Injury

suffering a sports injury west rydeSports Injuries can impact participation in your activity of choice as well as your general lifestyle. It is important to correctly manage sports injuries to promote optimal recovery and prevent further damage. Speak with your physiotherapist shortly after your injury occurs so they can advise the most suitable course of treatment.

What to do immediately after your injury?

You may have heard of RICE- the acronym describing the advised course of action following a soft tissue acute injury. Below we break down RICE, describing the most current injury recovery advice.


R stands for rest and it is recommended that you limit strenuous activity in the initial 2-3 days following your sporting injury. While some rest is good, after that short period you must get moving to ensure recovery can begin. Visiting your physiotherapist during this time period is helpful for initial diagnosis, allowing a course of action to be determined.


Knowing whether to apply ice or heat to your injury is a common question related to sports injuries. It is recommended that heat rubs or packs are avoided in the first 48 hours after an injury as heat encourages bleeding. In the first 48 hours, ice can assist with reducing pain and swelling.


In the first few days after an injury, controlling the bleeding and swelling can be assisted by compressive bandages. Some people also use strapping tape or a brace. A physiotherapist is able to determine which compression style is suited to your injury.


Elevating the injury above your heart is important in the first days as it assists with settling swelling. Particularly if you suffer from a foot or ankle injury, elevation is recommended and achieved through rest.

When should you start physio treatment?

Research shows that early intervention is key. Try to visit your physiotherapy centre soon after your injury so that you can be assessed, diagnosed and treated.

Physiotherapy treatment of sport injuries at NDPE soon after the time of injury can assist with:

  Reducing pain

  Improve and limit scar tissue

  Return to exercise sooner

  Strengthening the affected muscles

  Improving performance and technique

What happens if you are not treated?

If you choose not to seek treatment for sports injuries, you may have pain for longer, develop a chronic or recurring problem and take longer to recover. It is important that you help your body to recover, as ignoring the injury can exacerbate the problem. The sooner you take control of your sports injury, the sooner you can get back to what you love!

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