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How To Prevent And Treat Common Swimming Injuries

common swimming injuries west rydeSwimming is a popular form of exercise that combines full body flexibility, strength and endurance. While most swimmers enjoy swimming laps due to the low impact on the body, a swimming injury can transform your time in the pool into a painful and frustrating experience.

The skilled team at Northern Districts Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic understand swimming injuries and know the treatments and tips to get you back in the pool.

Common Swimming Injuries

The majority of swimming injuries occur in the shoulders. The vast number of rotations performed when swimming can impact the shoulders, causing injuries of overuse and overtraining.

Swimmer’s Shoulder is a common umbrella term describing the number of shoulder injuries caused by swimming. Treatment includes a comprehensive rehabilitation program which is intended to ensure you have the strength and correct technique to prevent recurrence long term.

Some swimmers also develop knee pain due to styles such as breaststroke. Fast, repetitive leg movements place excessive pressure on the medial knee.

The lower back is another affected area in swimmers due to the position of the body in water and the repetitive motion some strokes require. Tightness in the hip flexors is another factor that may lead to compensation in the lumbar spine.

Swimming Injury Prevention

Like most sport injuries, prevention is key. Incorrect technique when swimming can cause injury and imbalance. Learning and using the proper technique in training and during competitions is a vital step in injury prevention. Warming up and taking good care of your body through diet, exercise and strength and flexibility training is also important in injury prevention.

To ensure your body is properly conditioned for swimming competitively or for fitness, visit a physio at Northern Districts Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic. Their advanced and personalised conditioning programs will ensure you are using the correct technique and have strength and flexibility to support your swimming.

How to Treat a Swimming Injury

If you do suffer a swimming injury, do not ignore pain and book an assessment with your physiotherapist. While some muscle tightness or discomfort may pass with rest, continuing to swim with an injury could exacerbate pain and tissue damage.

The team at Northern Districts Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic complete a thorough assessment, diagnosis and treatment process which strives to reduce your pain and strengthen your body for long term recovery.

common swimming injuries west ryde

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