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The Benefits Physiotherapy for Children

Physiotherapy for kids west rydePhysiotherapy for kids is an important part of optimising their physical health and wellbeing in addition to assisting with disorders or injuries. Similar to an adult visiting a physiotherapist, your child will be carefully assessed, diagnosed and treated to ensure they get the best outcomes.

Research suggests that early intervention and personalised physical therapy for children with disabilities or developmental motor difficulties is important in predicting future outcomes. There are a number of treatment approaches that may be used for children including but not limited to:

– Manual physiotherapy treatments.
– Prescribed, customised exercise plan.
– Education.
– Coordination with the child’s school, parents and healthcare team.
– Custom splints, orthotics or equipment to make everyday activities easier for the child.

Children may benefit from physiotherapy treatment for the following reasons:

– Assistance for children who have difficulty with motor skills such as ball skills, hopping or jumping.
– Babies or children with atypical movements such as toe-walking or W sitting.
– Children who have disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy can access physical therapy.
– Childhood chronic pain or arthritis can be treated.
– If your child has experienced a trauma or injury, physiotherapy is an important factor in recovery.
– Children with other physical conditions and disabilities not listed above may benefit from physiotherapy treatment. Speak with your physiotherapist about your child’s requirements.

The physiotherapists at Northern Districts Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic understand that having an appointment can be stressful, which is why every child is treated with patience and care. Your child may greatly benefit from physiotherapy care, and the NDPE team strives to make your child’s experience stress-free and positive. If you are concerned about your child’s injury or movements, contact NDPE to book an appointment.

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