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The Difference Between Remedial And Relaxation Massage

When you think of getting a massage, do you envision a calming experience with soothing music and a massageDifference Between Remedial And Relaxation Massage therapist gently massaging your muscles? Or do you think of somebody holistically addressing your physical pain points and aching muscles? These are two different forms of massage that aim to provide different benefits. While both are therapeutic and often beneficial in several ways, massage therapists perform remedial massages and relaxation massages for different reasons.

This article explains the difference between remedial and relaxation massages so you can make an informed choice on which may be the best for you. For personalised advice, contact our team at NDPE today.


Relaxation Massage 

What Is A Relaxation Massage? 

A relaxation massage has the goal of de-stressing you and helping you to feel calm and relaxed. Typically this looks like long, smooth, flowing strokes where you should feel slight pressure, but not to the point of pain. In many cases, massage therapists provide relaxation massages in calming and soothing environments that may be filled with relaxing music and essential oils.


What Is A Relaxation Massage Good For? 

While you can tell your massage therapist how hard or soft you would like your relaxation massage, the default tends to be soft touches to help the body and mind relax. This type of massage aims to induce ‘happy hormones’ such as serotonin and dopamine and to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. It isn’t designed to reduce pain or to target a specific area or type of discomfort, but more to address your mental and emotional well-being. 

Many people with mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression may benefit from a relaxation massage. This type of massage may also be suited to people with tense muscles, insomnia and sleep conditions, and stress.


Remedial Massage 

What Is A Remedial Massage? 

A remedial massage is a form of massage that looks to address your entire body holistically with the intention of easing pain. Whether you have an injury, condition, or acute aches and pains, a remedial massage may be a good choice for you.

Before a remedial massage, your massage therapist should talk with you to discover your specific pain points and work with you to determine your style of massage. This may include specialised tests to check your posture, range of motion, and pain levels. 

The pressure of a remedial massage can also be light or hard but is generally harder with the massage therapist placing more pressure on your body. This aims to stimulate blood flow and assist in toxin removal. However, the pressure of your remedial massage is up to you and should always be tolerable and not painful. 

Remedial massage is focused on the individual and their specific concerns. Relaxation massages tend to be very similar for each person, while remedial massage is targeted to you and your concerns specifically.

Remedial massage uses multiple techniques, and the combination will depend on your specific needs. This can include techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, cupping, needling, and stretching.


What Is A Remedial Massage Good For? 

A remedial massage is often a good option for people experiencing acute or chronic pain. If you have muscle tension or are recovering from an injury, a remedial massage may be a good option for you. Remedial massage may be beneficial for people who would like to improve their flexibility and strength, reduce musculoskeletal pain and tension, and feel better from the inside out. 

While this style of massage does mostly aim to address pain and discomfort, it also aims to relax you and calm both your mind and body. 

Remedial massage may offer benefits such as: 

  •     Reduced pain
  •     Reduced stress
  •     Improved circulation
  •     Improved mood
  •     Increased blood flow
  •     Improved sleep
  •     Increased energy


Remedial Massage In West Ryde 

If you feel that a decrease in pain and discomfort and an increase in your mood and energy is just what you need, a remedial massage may be the way there. At NDPE we offer remedial massage therapy that’s tailored to you in an effort to help you feel your best. To have a member of our team address your specific injury or pain in a way that works for you, contact us at NDPE today.


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