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Text Neck

text neck west rydeIt’s one of the most common neck complaints that didn’t exist 20 years ago… Text Neck. The term Text Neck describes the strain and pain on the neck and upper back muscles caused by excessive screen time and the associated poor posture. While it affects many, the treatment is simple, prevention and strengthening.

The majority of people have their phone available to them during their entire waking day. With the increased capabilities of smartphones and the ever-growing reliance we have on computers, tablets and screens, the amount of time spent networking, communicating, browsing and scrolling is increasing.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Text Neck?

Text Neck typically causes the following symptoms:

Upper Back Pain

The poor posture typically associated with Text Neck can cause upper back pain. This can range from soreness and aches to muscle spasms and severe, sharp pains.

Neck Pain

The neck pain caused by Text Neck is often a persistent ache, caused by muscle tightness and strain

Shoulder Pain

The tightness and soreness from Text Neck may also impact the shoulders. You may experience dull persistent pain or severe pain and spasms depending on severity.

How to treat Text Neck?


It is important to limit screen time and take appropriate measures when using devices to avoid strain on your eyes and body.

Eye Level

Whenever possible, your laptop, phone, tablet or screen should be at eye level. This is important for maintaining good posture.

Take Breaks

Regular breaks from screen time are important. Try to set a reminder or alarm at even intervals to remind yourself. Spend your break time off screens entirely.

Office Set-Up

Are your chair and desk up set up to appropriately support your back and neck? If you have an uncomfortable chair, add a soft blanket to sit on and roll up a towel to place between your lower back and the chair for lumbar support.

Strengthening and Rehabilitation

While you can limit your screen time, it is unlikely to be entirely unavoidable. Strengthening and stretching your body will reduce tightness.

Core muscles

Strong core muscles will support your back and upper body. A personalised physio program can ensure you are targeting the correct muscles through completion of the most appropriate exercises.


Stretching daily will benefit your body’s mobility and flexibility. A strong and flexible neck and body will support your head and assist with posture. A personalised program is recommended.

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text neck west ryde

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